GBS recovery…

June 5, 2006 at 3:35 pm


Recovery depends on damages to the myelin sheath, and nerve axons…and how quickly the body heals. And, we all know there is not a time table on GBS recovery; myelin regeneration and nerve regeneration, which takes even longer.

Myelin does not always regenerate properly — like a string of pearls. Sometimes there are long gaps (nodes) between the pearls (myelin), and the myelin does not always form like a pearl…it may regenerate elongated and flat. When these complications happen, the body expands twice the energy because the electrical impulses are slowed from the normal speed of about 120 mph to about 60 mph causing rapid fatigue.

Axons transmit impulse signals from one nerve cell to other nerve cells, muscle, and release neurotransmitters that influence those cells. So axonal nerve damage does not allow 100% communication flow of the nerve cells and the release of neurotransmitters that help muscles function properly. Therefore, the muscle must support itself — working harder without nerve cell support. This also causes the muscle to weaken more quickly, also causing fatigue.
[QUOTE]We all know it is an individual thing but we have to listen to our own bodies. We can not go by what the Doctors or Rehab tells us will be happening. They just don’t know either![/QUOTE] There is not a doctor or therapist in this world that can predict a GBS patient’s outcome!

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