GBS Headaches & Medical Interventions

November 26, 2006 at 1:51 am

I didn’t have headaches with GBS until after the spinal tap. Other medical interventions for GBS can also cause headaches. Though headaches aren’t something I normally experience at this point in time, when I overdo it, such as using neck muscles too long to shop (looking about at the merchandise in stores) or in driving too long, my muscles grow weak, and spasms in the muscles result in a headache. The only solution is to completely rest, supporting the weight of my head completely. Nothing touches it, but using a travel neck pillow as a support when I sleep seems to relieve it the next day. In conclusion, initially for me, the headache was a side effect of the spinal tap. A headache now requires rest and support of the neck muscles and weight of my head. (It’s a small head but it sure weighs a lot.)