GBS’er and Biker in SC PA

December 15, 2006 at 9:19 am

Hey Barry,

Just read your thread, just wanted to shout out to you with an invite for when Denise is ready to ride again. Me and my hubby are in York and ride. Love to go for a jaunt and meet up with you. Where in SC PA are you?

I had GBS in 1979 and have recently (past year and a half) have experienced Post GBS, lost some feeling and function in hands, arms, feet and legs. So now I ride on the back only. Not enough strength to hold her up and throttle with out pain.

Also if you feel it would be of benefit, I have had years of experience with this thing called GBS and would be happy to chat Denise up.

And it sounds like you and I have something else in common in our search for a “wealth of useless knowledge.” Others might think it useless, but I like reading, learning and growing my ever expansive base. And it has served me well as it has you with your search for info on GBS for Denise.

Anyway, feel free to email me, or have Denise when she is ready, at [email][/email] and perhaps I can help in some way. Love to help!