gbs/cidp cidp guidelines

May 20, 2010 at 9:17 pm


amen regarding the ‘didn’t know’ doctors and the misdiagnoses. The NIH, John’s Hopkins and a recent GBS/CIDP Seminar I recently attended seem to say what you did, that is GBS is acute. The Seminar speaker stated if it’s longer than 7 weeks, it’s not GBS. Well, apparently treatment is the same anyway, right?

Try this site: [url][/url]

They talk about guidelines for definition, investigation and treatment of CIDP. paper date appears to be 2005. pns = periperhal neuropathy society.

Perhaps this link is even better, it’s from this web site, somewhere, the paper is dated 2009 and the link is dated March 2010.


It is so very difficult to go to a doctor for an answer(s) and then find out later, oh, darn, that wasn’t right. You’re right, our damage is done.