GBS and/or TM

May 15, 2007 at 9:20 am

Thank you to all who have responded…4 1/2 years later, I am recovered about like I was at a year…The only thing I have constant problems with is balance, and nerve pain, along with bowel and bladder problems. I walk with a cane, but can drive, and am able to work, part time, a receptionist job, and am so thankful I am no worse than I am, I learned to walk again…I had all the tests mentioned, MRI’s, several of them, Cat scans, X rays, myelagram, urodynamic test, brain wave testing, Emg (3 times), Spinal tap…you name it, I had it, but I was still told from all the different doctors from the get go, that it was GBS. Then low and behold, my neurologist decided it was TM, then I was sent to Cleveland Clinic and they seemed to agree, so that is when I stopped…I finally had 2 doctors agree on a diagnosis, and right or wrong, I decided to stop……the not knowing was driving me bonkers. It is funny, that my local neurologist diagnosed 2 people that I have spoken with, with TM right away. He always told me that we usually don’t see bowel and bladder problems in GBS….Gee, usually???? I wish someone would tell me if I have had both…I try to be somewhat involved in both of these groups, just not sure where I belong…ha ha ha….I’ll stay with both!!
Linda Garrett 🙂