Gave up on IVIG due to rash

April 5, 2007 at 12:42 pm

Well, not exactly… it wasn’t effective, at least not that I noticed, and the rash was as disruptive as the pain.

After I started IVIG last summer, I broke out in a rash that felt and looked like chichen pox. I had red spots everywhere from the top of my scalp to my groin. The itch was torture, and I couldn’t shave for weeks. It lasted a little over three weeks- it faded just as I went back for the second treatment. Work was difficult, as I couldn’t concentrate. Not being able to shave (I would’ve shredded my neck) [I have a beard, so that helped a bit] meant going to court without a tie, something that drew unwanted attention…

I asked my neuro if I could try a different brand, but he said he used the brand that he switches people to when they break out.

In any case, things have been getting worse, and I wonder if I’ll have to choose between debilitating pain or an itch that keeps me awake and makes my life hell…

Sorry…. not a happy camper today

(edited for grammar)