Gastroparesis + Upper Respiratory Infection

July 12, 2011 at 4:39 am

Yeah I was recently diagnosed with these (listed in title), and within a month later I am now being tested (hopefully this week) for GBS, Lupis, MS, or whatever else they can test for in a Spinal Tap. I’m not looking forward to this, considering I’m already Terminal (expected 1-1/2 to 2 yrs) due to a Genetic Degenerative Disorder which is consuming my internal organs. I’m a severe diabetic with the complications of such.

I’ve come to terms with the dying thing, but this stuff is scaring the crap outa me. I’m not able to move after sitting for a few minutes (getting worse). can’t grasp a fork or a drink (bottle or cup), now cant hardly walk, this is scary! Help please, let me know I’m not alone, that there is support out there? thanks.

[QUOTE=Larry114]Stomach virus for me.

Funny story. I was in the emergency room in fairly bad shape. I had read about GBS online, and knew that it was a possibility. It was interesting hearing the residents ask me certain kinds of questions. Symmetry was a big deal to them. But they got really excited when I told them about the stomach virus 2 months ago. As soon as they heard that, suddenly I had a half dozen residents looking in.[/QUOTE]