June 2, 2010 at 7:47 pm

I’ve known of others who can go w/o pain-killers? But not me! No way, no HOW!!!! I know I’d be hanging from the accoustical ceiling like Bill The Cat!
Jethro’s got it on target? The MS folks caught on to the cause/effect aspects early and we can and do learn from them. They’re the ones who are keen about being careful w/many anathestics. Their demeyelination is in the brain? Ours is everywhere else… But the effects are the same.
My own dentist uses alternatives to epinepherine….Jdunk is very right there! They don’t last as long? But they can do the job as needed. Only other problem? IF you have to have one long-time job done on a tooth? Expect to be injected multiple times. My own dentist ‘times’ the work on my mouth to the #’s of teeth that need to be done. I really have a hard time getting up out of the ‘chair’ after 90 minutes. So I am allowed breaks every now and then.
I sooo love the concept of pre-numbing the injection sites! It makes life soo much easier! Each time I leave the dentists’ offices? I go WHOO! Got away alive again! And, mind you, I am NOT dental phobic! Great work Gary!