Gary you are on target….

November 10, 2008 at 1:29 pm

At first I’d attributed the ‘smells’ or lack thereof to the ‘illness’ or the meds.
I’ve still the illness, but it’s more or less stable, and aside from IVIG I’m off most pain meds on a regular basis.
The smell for me is like an electrical burning or short circuit somewhere [and there could still be that?] with nothing to be found.
Of Course, it could be the meds for my other issues? You are very right to bring it up to your Neuro! I think we all should simply ASK! If enough of us do? Maybe it’ll get down the food chain to the right ears.
Actually, Olfactory IS A SENSORY function. Why not? Happens to visual, taste and auditory, these are all part of that external sensory system. Why not?
On the whole tho, sure beats lots of other problems some of us encounter with all this fun and games, no? Hope to all.

As for your doc testing etc? Hooray! Good to see some REAL curiousity in a doc somewhere!