Gammunex side effects

January 3, 2009 at 11:06 am

are pretty much like any other IVIG and the side effects/reactions.
Do a web search of ‘gammunex prescribing information’ and you have access to the ‘insert’ that we never see in most circumstances.
Key effects of any infusion are: 1-the rate being too fast = headaches; 2-flu-like symptoms -these are all over the map: achiness, either constipation or the opposite, or fevers; 3- rashes – already stated, but in my case a visit to my dermatologist for topical clobetasol or protopic [both steroid creams] did the job,[Rod is also right about solumedrol at times] and, at times; 4- nausea-eating lightly before and during infusions helps here…tho afterwards I get ravenous! There are a whole slew of other things that can happen, but deal with each s/e at a time. I know from my own experiences that docs don’t KNOW about the rash thing – I had an infusion nurse call the mfr about this issue and got that answer.
Calling the MFR’s 800 # is the fastest and easiest way to get answers. Really. Later then mention it to the doc, saying it’s on the prescribing info and leave it at that. Now if that rash were all over? That is possibly a more serious issue. I’d just had it on my hands, tho.
For me, and many others tho? Finding the right combo of pre-meds before infusion is the best defense. Work on that first?
As Morris has said, IG Living is a very good resource… you also find out that we aren’t the only ones dependent on IVIG! We are part of a far bigger world.
Hope this helps. I do hope things go easier in the future tho!