March 24, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Gab you and I were dx at about the same time with the CIDP, Nov. 2007 and recently it was confirmed that I’ve the Anti-Mag, “IgM” Spike and involvement.
I’ve had five months of IVIG, with CellCept 2000 mg a day, Prednisone started at 80 mg a day, [now I atlernate 60 mg with 50 mg a day] and Arava 20 mg a day.
So far nothing has shown an improvement, MD felt it was preventing me from getting worse. In early March I started having new symptoms and went to MD today and he is going to start me on Plasmaphresis five treatments in seven days this week or next.
I only pray that I have a positive response to the Plasmaphresis.
We sound as if we have similar disabilities. From my toes to knees and from my hands to my elbows have the pain, pin, needles, and numbness. My feet are very weak, and my right arm is not functioning as it should.
I’m on a walker, can not stand except for seconds.
Know that I’ll be praying for you and hope your MD will discuss other treatment opitions with you.
Keep us posted.