Full Recovery

August 25, 2006 at 12:28 am

I was diagnosed with GBS four years ago (August 1, 2002) 3 months after my second child was born. I was in the hospital a total of 9 weeks – 5 of that paralyzed from the neck down, trach with ventilator, the whole “sha-bang”, the other 4 weeks I was in the same hospital but in recovery and rehab. And then when I returned home, I was in out-patient rehab for another 9 weeks.
I was so blessed to have a great medical team who were aggressive and informed about GBS.
By December 2002, I considered myself completely recovered but joined a gym so I could work out a couple times a week for a year to continue strengthening my body. I have had no residual weakness or symptoms (or symptoms that I pay attention to: sometimes when it’s cold my fingers feel tingly or numb – but I live in Arizona so that rarely happens. Or, when I’m really really tired, my legs will have a slight ache. This has only happened a couple times).
Any fatigue I encounter I attribute to being in my 40’s with two young children and I don’t always get the sleep I need or eat the way I should.
I just wanted to offer you the support and encouragement you were seeking that YES there are those of us out there who claim that by the grace of God we have been granted a full recovery from GBS.
Blessings to you.