Frustration and nerves – yep!

June 5, 2008 at 11:07 pm

My nerve pain is horrid. It started out occuring rarely and only at night. Now, it happens almost every night and a couple times throughout the day. It feels like electricity shooting throughout my entire body, starting in my back. I thrash around in my bed and cry. The only thing that helps is the Vicodin i have prescribed for my back and neck pain. I take that and, if im lucky, i can get my husband to lay with his chest and belly against my back. I think it is the heat from his body, in combination with the psychological comfort. Then, all i can do is sleep it off. Maybe you can use a heating pad or patch? And massage helps me, too. Icy Hot made me a lot worse though.

My frustration has calmed lately, but my aunt, who has been a nurse for 40 years, told me about a coworker who had horrible fits of anger and frustration with her gbs. It was absolutely out of this persons character. Luckily, it went away with the rest of her symptoms (after 4 months) and she is back to her old self again – back to work and everything! Awesome!

(By the way, I’m a freak about Vicodin! I hate taking it! I’ve seen a lot of my patients addicted to it, and a lot of teenagers, too. So, if any of you are using pain meds, just be careful, okay? If they don’t work for you anymore, ask your doc for something different, rather than taking more and more of what already isn’t working. I take Ultram when im not pregnant and it is wonderful! It is an anti-inflammatory, rather than an opiate/narcotic. For anyone with pain, maybe you can ask for a referral to a pain clinic:)