From Va. Beach

November 13, 2010 at 9:55 am

Liz, I am so sorry to hear of your troubles with the wheel chair. God is so good and made it all come out right. I hope the rest of the Symposium went well for you.
I have not been on the boards for a long time. Have been feeling pretty well and seem to improve from year to year. However, the neuropathy has caught up with me. I have been distracted from here and need to get back to the site. Believe it or not, I too came to the Symposium, but on Friday only. I was hoping to find you so we could meet at last. I am so sorry that I missed you. Should have made prior contact by e-mail. (not only do my feet need help, but my brain also!)
The Symposium was wonderful. I learned a lot. Am so glad I got to go.
I hope your return trip home was successful. I remember that you moved to Fla. and hope you are happy there. I wonder if you have my E-Mail address?
God bless you Liz, Mary Ann Chisnell / Va. Bch.:)