from my dialysis chair overlooking hwy 290…

July 28, 2009 at 10:51 am

, Hi Linda,

I’m wondering, do you happen to go to The Neurology Center on S. Main at the southern end of the medical center? If this is non of my business I’m sorry but it sounds like you and i are patients of the same Dr., as well as my sister, who was diagnosed about two years before me.

I’m having a terrible time with pain and have not asked my dr. about Namenda yet, but i am taking heavy doses of hydrocodone, kadian, and tizanidine. I was taking Cymbalta, which i really liked but had to discontinue it because it raised my BP which was problematic. I also had to discontinue IvIG almost a year ago because of kidney failure so other than pain meds i am not getting any treatment at all for my CIDP.

Because of a late diagnoses due to lack of insurance when symtoms first started, it took about a year and a half before the IvIG to begin to work on me. Except for the pain control, once the IvIG kicked in i have to say it was nothing short of a miracle how well it worked. I still have fatigue and my muscles still are not nearly as big as they should be, but my balance really improved as did my ability to climb more than one step. I walk with a cane, but at least i was able to put the walker in the closet.