From all I’ve read? There are only an small few that are hereditary

February 13, 2010 at 7:45 pm

[url][url] About the hereditary aspects… The odds of occurrance are rare…
For CIDP? Odds a little bit higher [url][url] and this category can embrace both hereditary and ‘acquired’ immune deficiencies or hyperactivities.
The variants of types of CIDP has expanded as better diagnostics progress-since I got CIDP, I believe the ‘types’ have doubled in number. Thus the actual #’s of people w/CIDP are likely higher, just not properly diagnosed…THAT aspect I suspect goes back to any particular neuro’s training and experiences with GBS, CIDP and all the variants.
As for ‘cancer’ being a possible connection. I state that there is no proven connection at the time of my CIDP diagnosis. The cancer tests for me were specific and called CA-21 or CA-27 And CA-29. These are as expensive as testing spinal fluids for the inflammatory aspects and the IG-A,B,G,M and IG-Gm types. I suspect in my case they are related? But again, since testing wasn’t done at THE KEY time, there can be no proven documentation or connection.
One important aspect about CIDP all should constantly keep in mind? ONE PERSON’s Symptoms DO NOT FIT ALL circumstances… that’s why it’s soo hard to determine in greater detail than the broadest of ‘diagnoses’.
As for my own immediate family? Nothing BIG stands out for myself, my many siblings, and my dozen plus cousins! Only one neice w/immune issues of about 1-1/2 dozen also. Only one cousin had diabetes, some have had cancer issues and the rest? The danged allergies! THAT part we’ve all in common. Parts of a puzzle? But not the total picture. Wish it were easier, but we aren’t lab rats. Nor would I wish to be? Unless like Alice and I [I’m in a different sort of trial-ten year one] WE CHOOSE TO BE! You can only wrack your brain so far or much on this aspect. Doesn’t usually pay off.
Hope and heart and strength to all. As much as possible!