July 28, 2008 at 11:09 pm


Good thoughtsd, all, and, yes, I’m a “worry Wart” I think of my kids, more. My son lives with me, my 7 year old daughter, chiold of a TV addict spendthrift, is with me 40% of the time- both, I feel might be kinda lost if I were to “vacate” permanently.

The risks on PML are problably nextr to non-existent. The relationship to CellCept is, only, a recent (past 10 years) observation, accirding to sites viewed, by me. My neuro is set against PE, the Spec at JH, the same, stating i’m “not so bad” wonder if they were the ones giving up their business and “stumbling in my shoes” if they would feel the same?
My worst compaint with these Drs is they WON’T answer simple questions, either too busy, too worried of lawsuitsd or just thinking I need not know?

I probably wuill go along w Cellcept, it would just be nice to know. Good luck w yout Journey!