forgein materials in body

August 15, 2008 at 3:07 pm

I had a total knee replacement in july of 2007, a titaniman metal replacemnt. In Sept 2007 i started having neurological symptoms and by Nov 2007 was dx with CIDP and in a wheelchair parttime and a walker full time.
For ten months have had various treatments with little success. Recently spent 8 days in the hospital for heart related issues, new sudden onset. Now on oxygen at home.
Will start evey other week plasmaphresis on Mon. Will get two treatments everyother week, may increase to three, will see how I respond.
Feeling fairly low at present as I am dependent on husband for all things.
CAn not drive, cook, or do anything by myslef.
I do not know if metal knee has anything to do with any of this and neitherdo the MD’s, they just say it is a possibility. I do know my life went from fully functioning, to almost bed bound in les than six weeks and have remained pretty much on that plateu.for the last ten months. So knoW IT CAN GET VERY DISCOURAGING.