For me, possible-not tested at key time to be provable.

December 8, 2010 at 7:18 pm

Cancer showed ‘up’ 18 months after CIDP onset. By then, I was diagnosed w/the CIDP.
The cancer I have/had can incubate up to 7-9 years before being detected. So no tests for that? No Proof of that.
I have to say that the cancer was detected after I’d been on IVIG for 6 months, and there had been studies done in ’04-05? [small test sample tho] showing that IVIG did ‘contain’ the cancer in some more managebly, and, in some cases reversed it.
Alas for me, that there were no cancer tests prior to or concurrent w/the CIDP antibodies and immune testings makes most speculation-just that. Likely possibly? Provable-no way.
That both were diagnosed rather early on and treated tho, has to me, at least… reduced the possible overall damages.
Both are autoimmune conditions/diseases, I’ve got a couple more and possibly even more to come? I’m truly afraid to go and find out…The latter ones, at least won’t kill me unless I don’t ‘manage’ myself.
If it were me in your situation? WAIT… No need to add more stressors than you already have! Honestly? I wouldn’t wish what all I have on my worst enemy. [Well, maybe, for only a day or two tho…]
Get treated and my heart is with you on this ONE!