For Homeagain zaps

December 3, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Thanks – Yours is the first post I’ve encountered that connected the zinging, zapping feelings I have in my hands with healing. I imagine the hypersensitivity to picking anything with edges up is related to nerv re-growth as well.
I have heard that the healing occurs exactly opposite the onset of GBS – at least, within reason. Does your experience follow that pattern? I was diagnosed 9/26/2010. My toes and feet were involved first and then my hands, shoulders and parts of my arms. Now my feet are coming back altho without much zapping pain, and I have an actual reflex in my left leg again. My hands still feel like I’m wearing gloves with needles attached to electrodes run by a random electrical generator. I imagine a tiny Nicholas Tesla asking a dimunitive Igor to “throw the switch.”
In any case, thanks for that ray of hope, and my heartfelt best to all of you.