Footdrop variations

November 15, 2006 at 4:31 pm

My son Nate has a really bad problem with only his right ankle.
His ankle started turning under inward about 2 mos after his onset.
That was Dec, 05.
They put a night boot on but it didn’t stop it.
When he walks, his ankle automatically wants to roll to the side, making it very dangerous.
It totally screws up his walking, no matter what brace or shoes he wears. It makes him want to lean to the left and place all his weight on the left leg, causing him to be off balance all the time.
His PT guy said that ankle will take a long time to get better.
He has found one way to help though when he is walking barefoot with his walker to the bathroom or shower.
He puts his ankle up against the tennis ball that is on his walker legs.
It helps support it enough that it won’t roll so far that is would cause him to fall.
In the meantime I got him high top canvas shoes for support and an aircast for his lower cut shoes.