Football Stats So Far!

September 15, 2008 at 1:55 am

Week one weekly winner was Linda H at 11 games total
1: Linda H 11 games
2: Smiley 10 games
3: Dick S 9 games
4: Cheryl 7 games

Week Two: Stats so far! And could land a tie game or 1 weekly winner!
Houston at Baltimore Game was Postponed this week because of Hurricane Ike! Going to check though for it might be Philadelphia at Dallas! So we are 1 game less this week because of that Postponed game but that game will be added on when they can play at a future date.
So far we have:
1: LindaH 10 games
2: Cheryl 9 games
3: Dick S 9 games
4:Smiley 7 games

LindaH won the second weeks game! Okay now! Somebody elses turn! LOL! Stroke of luck I guess!