foot pain and not sweating right

July 8, 2010 at 5:49 pm

My son Ryan is 21 and has CIDP. He is doing much better since receiving cytoxan for 6 months. the neuro thinks he is in remission.
However Ryan doesn’t sweat right either, be careful when in the heat, it could cause you to over heat and have a heat stroke. sweating helps the body cool. Ryan has to stay in the air conditioning if its really hot.
As for the foot cramps and pain Ryan also gets it but it helps when I stretch his feet. I do this by grabbing hold of his foot and pushing his foot forward to make his toes stand straight up. if I were to do it on my own foot I would merely be flexing my feet up and down. but I go up and down and then I rotate his foot. this stretches his muscles in his ankles and foot. he says it helps with the cramps and pain. I do this like 20 times a day. if I am not home he gets a sheet and wraps it around his foot and pulls teh sheet toward him. he says it doesn’t work as well and when I do it. hope this helps.. rhonda (ryans mom)