March 10, 2010 at 8:07 am

Hello! GBS can be so painful!! And this is not to diminish your husbands pain, this is just to tell you what worked for me. When I came home from the hospital, after receiving IVIG, I still had a lot of sharp pains in my legs (all over, but most noticeably in my legs!).

Due to a random conversation w/a stranger, I decided to take sugar and carbs out of my diet. I started my new diet by eating green beans and cottage cheese for a few days, and then added foods one by one.

I felt better immediately AND discovered I was allergic to c o r n (which is in everything!!).

Once I got corn out of my diet, I no longer had any pain and needed no meds (including neurontin and ibuprofen! *also see Yoga info below).

I had been home from the hospital (and in pain) for about 4 months when I realized this.

Occassionally I’ll ache, expecially when there is a low pressure storm coming through. Too many “taxes” on my system determine how bad I feel. When I take care of myself (eat healthy, NO sugar, walk, and rest when my body tells me to do so) determines how good I feel!

Sugar tastes sooo good, and I still eat it, but the more I eat, the worse I feel!!

*One more tip: A friend of mine, who teaches yoga, taught me some restorative yoga poses. They also helped diminish pain. If I were in a restorative pose long enough (20 minutes), any pain I had went away. It was like a miracle. (Restorative poses are not hard, nor should they be. Only go to a yoga specialist who knows what they are doing!!) A yoga person will also help people w/breathing techniques, which help with relaxation. Good practice for the GBS person as well as the caregiver!!

Best of luck and health to you and yours!! Don’t forget to take care of yourself!! Being the caregiver of someone w/GBS has its own set of issues!

Sending positive messages your way!
Hospitalization in Jan, 2008
onset began Dec 2007 w/tingling in hands and feet
21 days later was in hospital for IVIG
did not need respirator