Food And The Daily Activities………….

April 24, 2008 at 3:31 am

Yes what Jfitzen has given the detailed report is true. First of all i would like to greet all our members as i have come again to the forum after a long time. I am now doing well after my attack on 31st may 2006. some residuals are there to my left feet but not suffering, when i take some rest.
Now i have changed my total food habits since nov’07 apart from my meditation daily in the morning.
Yes food habits give a lot of releif to the body. I want to share some facts which i follow.
1.Daily get up early befor sun rise.
2.Brush teeth and take 1litre of water and go for the stools, fresh up.
3.Sit for meditation for an hour.
4.Go for morning walk and some simple exerises for 1/2 an hour.
5.Eat sprouts(different grains mixed) a hand full and if still hungry take some fresh fruits, that’s the break fast, and don’t take water while u eat. Take water after 2 hours slowly with less qty between the meal.
6.Take lunch between 12 and 1 o’clock. And no water until 2 hours.
7.Finish the night dinner before sun sets. preferably fresh fruits stomach full. Thats all for the day
8.Take plenty of fluids in between like fresh juices(no sugar to be added), no soft drinks or preserved drinks.
9.Avoid junk foods totally. Ocationally if required.
10.If i feel hungry in between before going to bed i take one glass full of water with 4 tea spoons of honey with one leamon juice.
This way i have lost 6kgs in 5months with good health, and feeling light through out the day.