September 10, 2006 at 11:44 am

Hello John, Going by where you live, looks like it won’t be a long flight. It won’t be a problem at all if you are going with someone, but if you are alone, you should still be okay. I flew from New York City to Anchorage, Alaska. I was with someone, but she mostly just stood by. I am semi-dependent on a wheelchair, can’t walk with a cane, but can do short walks with a walker. I surprised myself and found that I had become strong enough to climb up the steps to get on a small plane on the tarmac. To be safer, when you get off the plane, see if they will allow you to desend the steps facing them. If you use a walker or cane, you will be allowed to take one on the plane. I was able to manage the bathroom because there were the sink and walls that were within reach to hold onto. You could practice a few things before you leave. PRACTICE getting up from a standard height toilet, if you can do it by just raising up (no leverage needed), YOU WON’T HAVE A PROBLEM. PRACTICE climbing up steps, so you’ll know how you’ll do boarding the plane. AND, to ease your mind, time yourself and find out exactly how long you can hold before you MUST run to bathroom.