Flu Shots and Symposiums

November 9, 2006 at 6:06 pm


I was there and I have no problem saying that I 100% do not think that the pharmaceutical companies being there had any influence whatsoever on the Dr.’s on the panel nor on the foundation. They went to great pains to keep the companies booths away from the conference area. Those Doctors made their recommendations based only on what they think is best for us, the CIDP/GBS patient.

I heard all of the information that was presented and I will not be getting a flu shot, thats my choice that I am making based on what I know and what I also heard at the symposium.


Hello everyone:

This is my first official post and I am going to say just a few quick words about flu shots and my experience at the Phoenix symposium.

I’m not at the age that I need to worry about taking the flu shot, so I don’t, for now. I’m not afraid of shots or even catching the flu. I think my GBS has made me “healthier,” if that’s possible, in that I have never had more than a slight head cold during any given winter cold season since being diagnosed in 1971 at the age of ten (go ahead, do the math, LOL).

I listened to the doctors at the symposium and it is because they are doctors, and a few of these doctors have been stricken with GBS (I don’t recall any of them having had CIDP), so they have to know what they are talking about and we have to put our “faith” in them and what they’re saying. But, it’s still anyone’s individual call, either take the shot, or don’t, it’s up to you. I understand the fears that a few have spoken about, but realistically, if the flu shot is what it takes to keep one “healthy” during the season, then it makes sense to take it. If, however, one wants to gamble with one’s health during the season, then that person has to handle the “consequences” that might come from not taking the shot. Life’s a crapshoot…, do you want to shoot craps?

About the Symposium. I am so pleased with myself for having taken the plunge and made the decision to travel west (from the east) and participate in the symposium. Aside from meeting so many terrific people, and building on my “family,”(having been a foster child when I was stricken), the day’s events were informative (for the research I will have for my next book) and enlightening (to see the many varients to this disorder and to learn about CIDP as well). I look forward to traveling (in my AFO’s) to the next one in 2008, provided I remain healthy enough to travel.

Take care everyone.