flu shot-venting-about the flu shot!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 23, 2006 at 11:12 am

sorry. i didn’t mean to (offend) you. i don’t know your name. i’m fairly new here and i came to this website for emotional help, not to offend anyone. however, this is the point i’ve been trying to make when everyone hopped all over me about the flu shot. my dr. is a neuromuscular scientist who in his teaching days, taught students at princeton university. he now has the whole third floor at st. francis medical center in trenton, n.j. it is per his recommendation that i cointinue with my flu and pneumonia shots. he feels that since it is true that gbs can be brought on by ANY virus including flu and pneumonia, there is just as much chance of getting the flu or any other cold, sore throat, or viral infection. since i followed his recommendation, i’ve been getting the flu shot every year post gbs and have NOT gotten the flu or a relapse. he feels that since there’s a chance either way, then i should take the chance and not get the flu. (which i haven’t) i also have autoimmune hepatitis and i get sick very easily. my immune system is attacking my liver and i also take 10 pills a day for that. it’s the same meds. that organ transplant patients take. so i’m really tired of the people i came to for help bombarding me. just because there’s a slight chance of a relapse, doesn’t mean it’s an abaolute fact. i thank gene for all of his info. to me. he has been very helpful. i came to you all for help and i feel like you’re turning your backs on me. guess i’m having a bad day. does anyone care???? again, i apologize for offending you.