five minute meals that are healthy.

March 16, 2008 at 6:28 pm

The better question is what you should be eating. When I had my GBS, I ate from the bottom shelves of the refrigerator. Of course, I closed the door while I ate on the floor because it was too much effort to crawl back into the dining room where I slept. Funny, now. I am now eating right for my bloodtype and doing Atkin’s. Protein is the most important thing that you can put into your body for healing. I have gotten into a routine that makes my meals easy. I am finishing reading a book on autoimmune diseases which I shall put on a thread as soon as I finish. I would recommend getting rid of wheat and sugar – carbohydrates. I think this is the key to stopping autoimmune diseases – of which there are 100! If you cut out the carbs, you will have more energy and less blood sugar spikes. If you happen to be an O, then you could microwave a hamburger and wash off the fat. I eat a salad with it of red leaf lettuce and red peppers. I make my own dressing which has no high fructose in it. Voila! No carbs which would normally stop the protein from being absorbed. I do this all in five minutes and it is healthy. I am giving my body every chance to repair itself.