Fitness Progress

March 18, 2008 at 9:00 pm

Hi Kit
Sorry for the absense from this thread. I’ve been active on the threads concerning Rituxan treatment, etc. But I have not made the kind of progress in fitness which I had dreamed about a few months ago when we were more active on this thread.
I’ve been going to the Y occasionally to use the eliptic trainer, but I must admit that it has been kind of sporadic. And I have lost a small amount of weight but not enough. I feel good when I start to walk, but if it is any long distance, I seem to fade.
So, I have to say that it is very doubtful that I will be able to register for the Flying Pig Half Marathon this year.
How are you making out? Are you still thinking about walking the Half?
I will be taking another three doses of Rituxan over a three month period soon and I hope that helps to generate some improvements.
Keep up the exercise and stay fit.