First Time IVIG

November 16, 2011 at 2:31 pm

Doug ~ I wish you well with your IVIG and back surgery.

This forum is a gold mine of information. While not my only source, where else can a person find so many “been there – done that – got the t-shirt” people willing to share information, experiences, support, and even some humor.

Even though I was diagnosed late in the game and finally put on IVIG – the results, though not immediate, were amazing!!! I hope you have the same experience and better.

One thing no one told me – even after all my research was the infusion pump has an alarm on it and when the pump detects something – like its time to change the bottle – it goes off. I was sleeping when that first happened … well, to put it mildly, I really wish they told me about that!

I relate to your ‘ton of bricks’ comment… and for me I added “Now what?” The answer was that I was able to climb out from under the majority of the bricks, but it took time and patience.

I agree in general with the other replies to your original post, especially keeping a log of information. I kept a diary from day one – and glad I did.

Again, I wish you the best…and hope to read your posts…