First IVIG In Dec 2011 pressure up 20

June 4, 2011 at 12:25 pm

My first IVIG was in Dec.2010. Had a problem at that time, blood pressure went up, the IVIG was then slowed down. I have IVIG every 3 weeks and pressure seems to be doing ok. I am new to all of this. Some days like today I feel very week, I am walking with a cane,but it is very tiring and very slow and can only go a short distance . I ride the electric carts for grocery shopping. I started out with 60 g for 8 IVIG and now doing 4 @ 25g then I go back to my neuro, Wondering what he will have for me next?? Improvement is so very slow.
I have CIDP dio in 12-2010.