First day after treatment

January 16, 2010 at 5:34 pm

Hi everyone! I am happy to say that I am back home from my 5 day hospital stay! I am feeling ok. I did notice that I was able to wake up a little easier today. I am still felling queezy though. Queezy and light headed. I also still have a tremendous backache. I am resting on a heating pad right now. The backache feels like birthing contraction pains. They are unbearable. At the hospital, Mt. Sinai in Miami Beach, I was given Deladin for pain. It worked with my migraine and back pain for about 2 hours, but is only administered every 4 hours (IV). At home, I am taking Motrin and Vicodin. Vicodin doesn’t help with the migraine but does help with the back ache. When I was in the hospital, they also gave me Imetrex for the migraine, but that did not help. :confused:
The reason that I was given Serequal, 50 mg, is to help me sleep at night. It is an anti pshycotic medication that is given to people as a tranquilizer. For me, I was given it to help me fall into restful sleep. On top of CIDP and all that comes with it, I also have severe insomnia. I recently did a sleep study at the University of Miami and discovered that I do not get any stage 3 or 4 (REM) sleep. My body does rest, but does not get the sleep it needs to allow the nerves to regenerate or heal themselves. I have been on every sleeping pill known to man and Seraqual is the only one that has worked. I also have to take it with Ambien and Clonapin in order to fall asleep. I have severe ADHD and when I lay down, my mind races with thoughts about things left undone, to do list and life (stress). This is the combo that my doctors found that help me turn off and sleep.
I hope I feel the effects soon. I am still feeling a little strange. I wonder how long this last? It was my husband’s b-day while I was at the hospital and I was making major plans to take him out tonight. Since I am not feeling well, I ended up canceling the sitter and feeling guilty that I have not been able to celebrate his day. Isn’t it amazing how on top of getting better, I feel I have to worry about taking care of my husband and kids because I have been gone all week? I guess I have to repeat to myself that just because I have been released from the hospital, I am not 100%!
Thank you all for the advice and well wishes! I look forward to hearing from you so I can get an idea of when I will feel good enough to leave the house without nausea.
Thanks again!:p