Fingers/hands numb

November 29, 2010 at 9:43 pm

I’m only two months into this and hope that sometime, I will regain feeling in my hands. My feet are still numb but getting better and my legs are regaining strength. till weak as a kitten with hands tho – I have a devil of a time uring the key in a lock and have learned to put plates on a shelf with two hands after several shattering episodes trying to do it with only one hand:D

Like Beethoven, I can flex them, but both little fingers and both index fingers are essentially paralyzed, without feeling or the aility to move them. Does it come back or will I have to compensate somehow? They say that exercise does not help much. Also, what do people do for the pain in the hands? I is pretty constant – cold fire, pins and needles, items I try to pick up feel sharp, stabbing pains at random times.

Are these common symptoms? Good luck to all of you. I marvel at the amazing courage of those who have endured this for years. My first symptom was on September 19, 2010. Spent one week on ivIG in hospital, came home walking with a stumble and hands have gone downhill but seem to have reached a nadir now . .