Finding the right PT is essential…

August 16, 2009 at 7:43 pm

and it may take lots of ‘educating’ on your part about CIDP, but like doctors…there are hundreds of neuro and motor issues that they must and do address. Key to that is the underscoring of the NOT DOING 5 ‘reps’ of 20 type exercises…Rather 2 to warm up and switch off onto other tasks and then back again. I have found that this has worked best for me and also…Be sure to ask the ordering doctor to include a ‘home program’.
These can include a theraband course of exercises [passive resistance that builds strength and elasticity in the muscles] and other very low key things that any adult or child can do at home..AT THEIR OWN PACE. Less pressure and results can and do happen! Did for me.
Most of all ‘tools’ one needs for a home program can be got at box stores or on-line for well under $100.
What I find hardest is the ‘structure’ and guidance needed to plain old do it RIGHT at home, on one’s own.
ANY therapist who has worked w/MS folks will have a sort of understanding about the whole nerve connection aspect. So in asking about expertise, etc. ask about this…also check out the state licensing boards to be sure they are ‘Certified’ Therapists, etc. I believe they are under the ‘medical licensing’ aspects? At least they are where I live.
Never let a PT ‘push’ too hard! Intervene and try to explain why… those who ‘get it’ are good and those not? Well, Won’t go into that.
I have been myself going thru a home PT series myself of late, due to some severe falls and a likely relapse. I have been unable to walk on my own for over 2 months and have another 2 months to go, if I am lucky. I’ve re-learned to walk twice before, and definitely plan on doing so again soon!
As for that Gym Teacher? ASK him if he knows of anyone w/MS! IF he does, Tell him/her that what your child has is similar and must be ACCOMODATED accordingly [Americans w/disabilities act does cover this I believe] BY LAW!
You are going to do one heck of an ‘education’ job on either this person and/or their boss and soon. The ‘standards’ that apply for those unaffected do not appy to us! That is in no way a cry for ‘special treatments’, by any means, rather an adaptation of the ‘standards’ for this medical condition. It’s not an outrageous request in this context, is it? No child should be singled out for being ‘different’, but should be accomodated to achieve the best they can.
So many obstacles, and in such silly places! My heart is with you in this for sure, no questions about it.