Find the problem..not pain killers

September 4, 2010 at 1:15 pm

With pain your body is telling you that something you are doing is harming it. You don’t want pills to shut it up, you want to find out what you are doing wrong. If you continue doing the wrong things for it, it will get weaker and you might come down with other things. Not getting enough sleep is dangerous …. exercising too much after GBS is not a good thing either. Do not compare yourself to everyone else. I have spent 40 years studying wholistic health and tweaking my body to make it heathier each year. I eat according to my bloodtype, take tons of supplements, and get lots of sleep. Just recently I discovered a supplement that is making my receding gums stop and reverse. My dentist is going to be surprised becase she said there was Nothing I could do..HA! I survived GSB twice nd am not on any pain killers or medication. MUst be doing something right. Won’t bore you with the detalis…if this makes sense, check some of my past posts.