Finally talked to psychiatrist

December 15, 2007 at 6:44 pm

I just founnd out that the psychiatrists did not label me with this and that even my own psychiatrist told them that they were not to label me with a psychiatric label as I have had neurological problems in the past. They also agree that this label does not jive with whats going on. They just said that the doctors just don’t know what is going on and that is probably why they are saying this. They are going to make sure that this is not going to be what it is. They said they understood where I was coming from and that I don’t like being labeled with psychiatric things when they are not. This to me is good news as I at least have voiced this concern. I do not like being labeled with things I do not have and they understood that and have told me they will do what they can for me. The next task is now to talk to the neurologist about this and tell him how I feel about this and get him to look into changing this and to start looking at a new direction. Now that I have the psychiatrists on my side he can’t even try to say that I am a psychiatric problem and it has to be medical most likely neurolological. So things should be coming along. It just takes going through the proper chanels and going one step at a time. It really helps to have the psyciatrists backing you up.

Still on temporary bed rest but hopefully soon that will soon change as soon as things begin to heal. I believe now I have enough people now to battle this and to start to get some proper answers and hopefully they will do something.

Take care every one