finally out of the CCU

November 6, 2007 at 9:15 am

[Hello: It has almost been 8 months and Randy is finally being moved out of the critical care unit and moving into the Rehab hospital in NorthBay. What a long bumpy road, but we have made it!. Off the vent 3 weeks ago and the trac came out last week. We are ready for the move, but sad to be leaving our family of caregivers in the CCU. We have definately learned a new definition of the word slow, but there is progress, and it is continuing. Randy has a power chair that he uses with head controls to get around in, and just having enough upper body strength to be able to sit on the commode and get to the bathroom for a shower is wonderful. Thanks for all the support I find on this site, it is truly wonderful.:D 😀