Finally made it to the 3rd Grade and can get the brace!!!

June 12, 2008 at 5:59 am

Well this brace thing seems to be in sight. It feels great. On the week-end though I landed up getting what can commonly occur in practically anyone, a muscle spasm in my neck and shoulder. So I have had to wheel around like a one-armed bandit:D . I hopefully will be back to normal soon, it sure is hard only being able to use 1 arm and have no use of anything else along wit te inability to move even your own neck. This is not a very fair thing for anyone who is wheelchair bound and shouldn’t happen.

I sure am amazing people though in the fact I can weel around like I do with one arm. Hope you all are doing OK. I’ve run into more people around here who either have had GBS in the past or know someone who has had it. I seems quite prevelent here in Edmonton. I just ran into someone here who had it 2 years ago and is almost recovered fully wit some minor health problems after the fact. I have eeven been asked if there is a chapter here in either Edmonton or Alberta in general. All I know is so far there is no local support groups other than the internet for my area, as far as I know anyways. GBS is quite prevelent though when I look at it in this city from even the amount of people I know havee had it the same times I have in the same hospitals, less than strokes and MS but still quite prevelant that on the neurology ward the have an information area that includes GBS as one of their information on their display.