Finally getting to post again after a long week

October 25, 2008 at 12:51 am

Finally getting to post again after having a long week babysitting my grandchildren. I’m pooped! Will post about that one this weekend. But I found a really interesting site regarding the epidurals that were really interesting. You will have to scroll down and read this. All though CIDP has different variants and can be caused by many different diseases meaning that not all of us got the CIDP from the epidural but some of us may have gotten this problem. Especially those that noticed something strange going on after they had that epidural done. Stacey, Lauren, myself and few others that got CIDP either by a back problem or child birth may have developed this as a result and it may be the answer as to why we have no diagnoses of our CIDP. Was really scary reading though so I must warn you before you read the dangers. In Lauren’s case after having her child.. this might be why she has CIDP and Stacey it could also be a factor since she had a back injury. And myself having the back injury with the injections.
But CIDP can be caused by other reason besides this. A disease process. Some get diagnosed and treated while others do not. As in my case! Lupus can cause CIDP, Thyroid and then a Malabsorption problem with B-12, Vitamin D. So many things can cause this CIDP. But for some that noticed something strange happening after this procedure. It might be what your problem may be. Just really ticked off that none of us knew this danger and have had this done and was never told the real risk of what could happen if it gets done.
Here is the website:


For Stacey and Lauren… this could be why you have the CIDP problems. Including myself but I still have other health issues too. I think I would print this out and actually show it to your doctors and get their opinion. It might be your answers as to why you both developed CIDP. I have even printed out a copy to show my Doctor at Duke when I see him. So if it’s not my Lupus, or Thyroid problem. It could be the injection I had and may have caused a spinal trauma injury. Possible!! But we all know that CIDP is caused by different variants.