Final update

April 14, 2007 at 2:02 pm

Hello everyone! Norb’s surgery was brief and there were no complications. Today his left arm and leg strength are much better. He was out of bed briefly and walking with his Ferrari telling everyone that “the tube in his head helped him communicate with his people on Mars”.

This afternoon, the neurosurgeon removed the tube and said he could go home unless the internal medicine doc wanted to keep him for other reasons. All the time we were in the hospital, our great son-in-law was busy building a wheelchair (or rollator) ramp for us in the garage and you all were busy sending your greetings and best wishes. What great and kind family and friends we have! We are truly blessed! Thank you all for you wonderful support over the past few days. It really helped.

Since Norb is already back to his witty self again, I’m sure he will return to the forum within a day or two. Thank you all again and take care. Warmly, Carol & Norb