fighting words…..

May 24, 2008 at 9:49 pm

[QUOTE=blskat1]i thought also that i would wake up one am and all of this would be gone. It has been seven months and i have seen some improvement. just now beginning to realize that i will probably not return to the person i was pre-ant-mag cidp. i, also, was sursprised at how quickly i relapsed after phresis.
now am learning that my ability to walk 35 feet without the walker is something to rave about.
keep fighting, it is really the only choice we have.
thinking of you and praying for you.[/QUOTE]
Hi Beth:

This past couple of weeks were especially tough for the old attitude and recovery… On the bright side I finished up with ivig #5 this morning and am dealing with a slight headache, but other than that, Bring on the healing….
I’m still fighting, cause like you, we have no choice… We have to get better (for me physically, mentally, and spiritually)… I think its great you are walking at least 35 feet.. And it sounds to me like you are determined to get better…. Thank you for helping me to think a little more positively…It sounds like our mind and spirits are willing, but our bodies just have to catch up…take care…deanop