Fighting Medicare

June 5, 2007 at 10:08 am

Hello Family,
I know that I need this to be a VENT and I do feel ANGRY! Today, after a talk with medicare, I have to give up and probably write off the cost of the power chair I bought, as a loss. Some of you know how much that is. Going back to the beginning, I bought the power chair myself because the local medical dealer I went to told me it was useless to send in a claim, medicare wouldn’t cover the chair I wanted. And I didn’t want to order off the internet, I wanted to see the power chair first and drive it. I wanted to look at different kinds. It took me six months to realize that I should try anyhow. If medicare refused payment, my secondary insurance would cover it. I sent in the forms and paperwork myself. The medicare rep. I talked to said that this is “unheard of”, he kept repeating that it takes a “professional” to fill out the paperwork. The “professional” (medical store dealer) told me it was useless to fill them out. Yes, I failed to make copies of all the papers I was sending medicare, but I go through alot with this syndrome and I stress out alot, it’s not possible for me to be able to remember everything. The medicare rep. was faulting me for not making copies, I WAS ANGRY. I told him he should live with the sensations that I feel and then see how well he remembers to do everything.

The bottom line is that I’d have to try to get out and get another sales receipt from the medical dealer and then try to get another letter from my doctor that a power wheelchair is necessary and that’s not so easy when you don’t have transportation. And my secondary insurance may also refuse to pay because I’m filing myself.

The only good news is that I do learn.