Fig Syrup is good for constipation

August 17, 2008 at 5:31 pm

It can be bought online, but I actually make my own since my mom owns two fig trees in her yard! This year they are loaded too! Online it can be bought and is all natural. No preservatives or additives. Just a natural fruit extracted into a syrup. I see me at times go for 2 weeks not doing anything unless I take that syrup. 2 teaspoons a day helps me! She has the Oxycontin and if she is hurting that badly, she needs to take it for pain. But I am this way too! I hate being all drugged up from the pain. I take tylenol 3 with codiene for my pain but only use it when I need too! Maybe him RX’ing her some like that would be a better drug for her!