Feet burning

June 7, 2007 at 4:33 am

I was trying to work at my workshop, in the morning I had went to my therapyst and down some workout exersice, then in that afternoon I went to the workshop, after few min walking around taking up things and then try to make some candle then my feet start to feel like burning and I tried to sit in few min and then start again working then the pain went worse and worse. It was almost unbearable, then my hubby came and told me to get my ass to the bed, it would come another day after this one and then I could do this candles. I know many off you have had a strange feeling in your feet and I remeber this when my GBS started that I could get very hard burning feelings but on the recovery I was so sure that would not happen not so hard pain, I have had pain that is like one or many nerves was pull too but this was diffrent. But from this all Im doing well taking more steps on my own. And insite I can almost walk between room with out any thing, I have always wall to lay to if I cant go further.