feeling foolish

July 29, 2009 at 11:30 pm

heres a funny one for abnormal pain. I was just at my daughters friends house picking her up and I went to the door. all of sudden i felt something sting me and I frantically asked can I come into your house, something in my pants just bit me. I need to take my pants off. I ran to one bathroom and it was locked and then I was jumping around saying hurry hurry wheres your bathroom something bit me and its shooting down my leg. I need to get it out I think its a spider or bee or something. I was frantic. I went to the bathroom and there was nothing there. no bee, no bite mark. it was some crazy nerve sensation I guess. I came out of the bathroom and said I think I shook it out and lied and said that there was a bite mark. i was soo embarrassed. ill get over it but that was a new sensation for me. I am sure that grace is not an all around attribute for gbs and cidp.