feeling afraid today

January 18, 2009 at 6:41 pm

Thanks veryone for all the information on the feet, shoes etc. I have been alittle afraid these last two days. I had a bad cold last week, no fever and cannot reallys say it was the flu. I was down and out for one day. Seems to be gone accept for just a little nasal congestion. Howver, I noticed yesterday and today, I weaker in the legs and feet are stiffer. Going up the stairs was hard, and had to hold on to rail with both hands. I was going up with one hand. My legs feel more wobbly. I almost felt like getting the rolator out to day. The tingling in hands was back and my neurontin did not seems to help. Is is usual to flucuate like this. Are there ups and down. Should I be concerned? I do not want to keep bugging the docs if this is normal. I have not gotten my neurologis to do anything but give me a test and say I just need to wait it out. He was the same neurologist that did not want to give me IVIG at 2.1/2 weeks post onset as he said I had reached my peak.:confused: