April 2, 2007 at 4:20 pm

I am 5 years post this time. I had GBS in 1989 and went on to full time employment after 2 years of recovery. I had energy and even went back to ballroom dancing. I was 49 then. Now I will be 67 this month and am fatigued most of the time. I do water aerobics twice a week and keep my house up since I am single and live alone. I sleep 10 hours every night. I mowed the grass the last few years and wonder if I can do it this year. I ache a lot especially at night in my legs. Steps bother me. If I go up a flight of steps, I feel tired and have to take them slowly. I guess it is a combination of GBS and aging but I see others older than me doing a lot better. I am thankful I can do the things I do but wonder why I did so much better after the first recovery. By the way, it wasn’t really the first recovery. I had GBS also when I was 19 and recovered from it. I have worked all my life as a secretary and retired in 2002 when I got the latest GBS attack. I am so glad I don’t have to work anymore. It is great to get up when you feel like it and do what you want to do during the day. I don’t take meds except for Advil when I am aching a lot.