Fatigue? Yeah, I know it.

December 15, 2009 at 7:35 pm

For the first two years after my ‘onset’ I was known to fall asleep mid-sentence in a conversation, nap 10-15 minutes and then wake up and complete the sentence! That I had to write down everything else said to me or going on around me? I’ve always found that aspect amazing. I take my ‘power naps’ very seriously! I don’t resist them and I try and learn and push my ‘limits’ as to what I can and can’t do each time out. I ‘register’ each activity and what pain or pay-backs in terms of ‘can’t do’s’ in my memory bank. Even the most coordinated of us needs training and awareness as to how to use a cane effectively! Thank goodness I’d learned. You really have to learn, and re-learn ‘body-awareness’ in terms of how your nerves are doing and wherever you are in time and space!
It takes a LOT of listening to your body to distinguish when nerves are dying OR re-growing! When nerves start to go zeep! or Zap! It can and is a breath-taking experience….Nerves re-grow at least 5 times more slowly than when they die, so it takes often years for nerves to re-grow when they’d died in seconds or hours [and we all know how much fun those hours are/were!] I’ve found that re-growing nerves activate most frequently [trying to re-connect to the brain, I guess? Docs don’t know, but that’s what I think.] after ‘stimulations’, such as exercise and PT and trying to live! I’ve mentallly categorized in to: IF it lasts more than an hour? It’s nerve death of some sort. IF it lasts about 5-15 minutes of breath-taking jumpstarting sort of electric shock? It’s nerves seeking directions! Give those nerves things to do? And they will start to say-What should I be doing?
Think positive, because the alternatives aren’t acceptable! Easier said than done for most of us tho. But, it’s the only thing that’s got my docs working for me and that helps heaps too!
What is the phrase? Been Down So Long, Looks Like UP to ME! Well, yes, we can sink lower into the abyss, but we have climbed out of it before and will/Must do it again!
You can beat this to a degree? You can do supplements that help? But you have to know that it all takes time for the nerves to regenerate and heal! And you can’t fall into the well of despair unless there is no hope! Hugs and good things to you SOON!