Farmor Two Times Over

August 27, 2009 at 8:50 am

Yes, yesterday it happened!!

“Girlie” came at 7.32 a.m., just two hours after her parents left home, heading for the hospital. It was such a stroke of luck that she decided to arrive so early in the morning, because if they had left home at 7.32 they would have been caught in the morning rush-hour, and even though they probably would have made it to the hospital in two hours anyway, they would certainly have been completely stressed out:eek:

“Girlie” has no “official” name as yet, but like her brother William, she was 48 cm long and weighed 3200 grammes, almost 500 more than her brother!

Since we are 250 kilomeres away from our new granddaughter, it is physically impossible for us to take her photograph, and both her father and grandfather in Oslo are obviously too busy to have time to e-mail us any of the ones they – hopefully – have taken yesterday. But I promise to share the best with you all as soon as I have “seen” her myself.

Hubby and I are going to Oslo to meet her and the rest of the family in about 10 days. I’m certainly looking forward to it!